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We created Travel Advice Show as a podcast extension
of  traveladvice.com which has been giving options and advising travelers and travel agents all over the world for more than 40 years.

We invite you to listen to each of our travel advice shows for travel options. Our shows, listed by categories, average 30 minutes in length and are presented in an easy to-listen format.

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Enjoy our latest shows:

Mexico Colonial Cites Travel Advice Show
A fascinating and interesting introduction to Mexico’s colonial cities by Nella Huaringa, Senior Travel Advisor for Latin America, Kensington Tours, Chris and Jerry. Definition of colonial cities, differences between cities, length of time to stay, time of year to visit, ones best for children, costs, and many other topics are discussed. A great program helping you better design your first or tenth visit to Mexico.

Ponant Cruises and Small Ship Travel Advice Show
Chris and Jerry, with guest George Papagapitos, CEO of Ponant, Cultural Cruises & Expeditions, explore the fast-growing adventure and education small ship travel. Destinations, expectations, costs, seminars, philosophy, families, and many other topics of Ponant cruises and this unique travel opportunity are discussed; a most viable option to the large passenger ships and cruise experience.

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