We have created the Travel Advice Show as a podcast extension of Traveladvice.com which has been advising travelers and travel agents all over the world for more than 35 years. As with Travel Advice, Travel Advice Show tries to objectively present travel options so you can make more exciting travel plans.

We do this in two ways:
     1. Have world-renowned guests who discuss their products and destinations which they cover.
     2. Answer your individual, personal travel questions.

We welcome your travel questions and program topic suggestions and hope you enjoy all the shows from around the world.

Travel Questions


Chris and Jerry explain that Traveladviceshow.com is a multi-faceted show not only officering advice from various prominent tour and cruise operators, but also directly helping its listeners with their travel plans. They emphasize that emails and phone messages are important to ensure listeners are getting the information they need to have the best vacation possible. Let Chris and Jerry know what topics and guests you want on the program and specific questions you have about your upcoming trips.

Types of Tours for Travel


Learn about the different types of travel and how to combined them into making your vacation more exciting and unique. Independent, F.I.T., Hosted and Escorted tours are defined and discussed in detail suggesting which type to take for each traveler. Specific suggestions for combing these types during a vacation are given. Both beginning and seasoned travelers will learn a lot from this program about different ways to travel an area.