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We created Travel Advice Show as a podcast extension
of  traveladvice.com which has been giving options and advising travelers all over the world for more than 40 years.

We invite you to listen to each of our travel advice shows for travel options. Our shows, listed by categories, average 30 minutes in length and are presented in an easy to-listen format.

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Enjoy our latest shows:

Peter Grubb, president of Sea Kayak Adventurers, seakayakadventures.com, Chris, and Jerry explore the world of sea kayaking. An adventure for fit, with some sea kayaking experience and at least 8 years old, adventurers, their trips offer a unique perspective of getting-up-close to nature, culture, flora, fauna, and culture. Their tours include close encounters with various types of whales, exploring remote coastlines, observing bears, paddling the Bay of Pigs, walking through rural Albania, and other unique experiences. Sea Kayak Adventures offers sea kayaking expeditions to Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, Alaska, and Europe. Some of their programs are designed for families, which include three-passenger kayaks so younger children can sit between their parents. For a truly fascinating, invigorating, and awe-inspiring vacation, take a Sea Kayak Adventure.

Doing the tango in Buenos Aires is one of the many topics discussed by Martha Tavera of Marnella Tours, marnellatours.com, Chris, and Jerry. This show gives great, often not known, options for visiting Argentina, one of the most versatile South America countries, will inspire you to want to spend your vacation doing and visiting many things. Buenos Aires, famous for its lively international nightlife, shopping, museums, and architecture, nearby estancias (cattle ranches), day trips to Punta del Este, for its beaches, and historic Colonia del Sacramento, both in Uruguay, is discussed in depth. Other country-wide destinations discussed, include: Igauzu Falls’ impressive volume of water and nearby jungle hikes; Mendoza, situated between southern Utah-type deserts and the highest mountain in the America, 22,841 foot Aconcagua, is famous for its wine and skiing; Swiss-like San Carlos de Bariloche with its spectacular lake and mountain scenery; ways to visit El Calafate’s Perito Moreno and other glaciers, viewing and going overland to Torres del Paine, Chile, and outdoor adventure activities; Ushuia, the gateway to Antarctica and Cape Horn via small, adventure cruises; Peninsula Valdes to see whales, sea lions and wolves, and Magallanes penguins. Visa, currency exchange, family vacation ideas, adventure trips, and many other topics are discussed to excite you to visit Argentina, the land of tangos and gauchos, plus many other spectacular sites and activities.

Southern Brazil, home of Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu Falls, is discussed by Martha Tavera, Marnella Tours, marnellatours.com, Chris, and Jerry. No visit to southern Brazil should be made without listening to this show! Learn about the beaches, nightlife, culture, Carnival, the famous sites in Rio and other nearby destinations, should you see Iguazu Falls from the Brazil or Argentine side, the seldom-visited Pantanal with its wildllife, Fort Jungqueira, and adventure, mountainous Oro Petro, Santa Cantalina’s magnificent beaches, German influence, and wine, Santos with wonderful beaches, Sao Paulo, Iguazu Falls, and other unique areas. Also visa requirements, family travel areas, food, climate, and other interesting and needed facts and suggestions are given to help make southern Brazil an excellent vacation choice.

The not-so-often visited northern part of Brazil is explored by Martha Tavera of Marnella Tours, marnellatours.com, Chris, and Jerry. Settled by the Dutch, Portugese, Africans, and other nationalities, whose influence is evident, emphasis is placed on the areas of Manus, Recife, Salvador, Brasilia, and Fernado de Noronha island. This unique, year-round excellent weather part of Brasil offers something for everyone, including the Amazon River, carnivals that allow you to participate in the parades and activities, Caribbean-like white sand beaches, jungle exploration, wide-variety of shopping, excellent food, friendly people, exciting family destination options, and many other activities. A wide range of important topics are discussed that will excite you to visit this fabulous area of Brazil.

Rob Douglas, owner of Simply Wild Journeys, simplywild.co.nz, joins Chris and Jerry to discuss up-scale, personalized adventure experiences for all ages at the north end of the South Island, New Zealand. Rob’s company, based in Nelson, NZ, designs and executes customized adventure tours, including sea kayaking, heli-cycling, mountain biking, walking and heli-hiking, white-water and heli-rafting, sailing, boating, and other exciting activities which make for a unique and exhilarating New Zealand vacation. Whether going to New Zealand just to stretch your physical boundaries or to enhance your visit to the “Land of the Long White Cloud,” you will want to include a customized adventure through Simply Wild Journeys.

Dan Crandall of adventureswithinreach.com joins Chris and Jerry to discuss one of the most bio-diversified countries in the world, Costa Rica. Truly offering something for nearly everyone, topics including descriptions and differences of many of the National Parks, transportation including should you rent a car, beaches, best time to go, wildlife, family travel, safety, suggested week vacation itineraries, and adventure options including whitewater rafting, jungle hikes, canyoning/repelling, ziplining, and others are discussed to help make Costa Rica one of your best vacations ever.

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We invite you to listen to each of our travel advice shows for travel options. Our shows, listed by categories, average 30 minutes in length and are presented in an easy to-listen format.