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New Zealand Simply Wild Journeys Travel Advice Show

Rob Douglas, owner of Simply Wild Journeys,, joins Chris and Jerry to discuss up-scale, personalized adventure experiences for all ages at the north end of the South Island, New Zealand. Rob’s company, based in Nelson, NZ, designs and executes customized adventure tours, including sea kayaking, heli-cycling, mountain biking, walking and heli-hiking, white-water and heli-rafting, sailing, boating, and other exciting activities which make for a unique and exhilarating New Zealand vacation. Whether going to New Zealand just to stretch your physical boundaries or to enhance your visit to the “Land of the Long White Cloud,” you will want to include a customized adventure through Simply Wild Adventures.

New Zealand Adventure Travel Advice Show

Karen Hardy of Australia 2000 returns as guest with Chris and Jerry to discuss the wide-range of outdoor, unique and adventure activities and options while visiting New Zealand. Heli-skiing and hiking, whitewater and sea kayaking, trout and deep sea fishing, sand dunes and multi-day treks were just some of the topics discussed. Listen to this program forfabulous ideas to enhance your New Zealand experience.

Australia Adventure Travel Advice Show

Return guest, Lynette Wilson of Destination World, joins Chris and Jerry to discuss fabulous options for your Australian vacation. Speeding along at 60 miles per hour in Sydney Harbour, backstage tours of Sydney Opera House, shark feed dives, riding the world’s steepest railway, night tours of the Cairns Zoo, tandem sky diving and many other exciting opportunities are explored. After listening to this program, you’ll have an Aussie experience unlike any of your friends.

Tahiti/French Polynesia Travel Advice Show

As Rodney Smith, Vice President of Sunspots International, Chris and Jerry discuss the exotic and romantic South Pacific destination of Tahiti/French Polynesia, you’ll see why these islands have inspired exciting dance, literature, art, music and life-changing experiences for centuries. Location, definition, water and air travel between the islands, food, accommodations, costs, siteseeing and the people are just some of the topics explored.

South Pacific/Fiji Travel Advice Show

Lynette Wilson of Destination World, along with Chris and Jerry explain many opportunities offered in the South Pacific, Although French Polynesia and the Cook Islands were discussed, most of the time was spent on the Fiji Islands. Topics such as when to visit, best diving sites, unique places to stay, various island cruise options, shopping for pearls and the ceremonial kava drink were among the topics explored. This program is truly a must for any visitor to the South Pacific islands.

New Zealand Travel Advice Show

Discover exciting ways to explore “The Land of the Long White Cloud”, New Zealand. Karen Hardy of Australia 2000 Travel , Chris and Jerry give many unique and fascinating suggestions for both the North and South Island. Helicopter flights, exploring by chartered yacht, scenic and fabulous drives, various types of accommodations, little known fjords, investigating dinosaur sites and discovering the sets of “Lord of the Rings” are just some of the many suggestions given.