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Ireland Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry give personal advice on ways to visit beautiful, historic, and active Ireland. Included topics are when to go, various ways to travel the island, what is the minimum time you should spend on your first visit, nightlife, expectations, and many others to let you enjoy what Chris and Jerry claim is the world’s most beautiful country. We think you will also after listening to the show and returning from your visit to the Emerald Isle.

Camino de Santiago Travel Advice Show

Join Chris and guest George Starks to learn and explore the Camino de Santiago. George has done the Camino 5 times and gives great tips and how to plan the adventure. This show explains where to stay, how to plan and all the in’s and out’s in having the Camino de Santiago experience. This show is a must before you plan your Camino.

Unique Iceland Travel Advice Show

Rapidly becoming a “hot” vacation destination, Lianne Kim of Kensington Tours,, Chris, and Jerry explore Iceland’s unique vacation options. Going into an active volcano, hiking the uninhabited center, glaciers, soaking in hot volcanic heated pools, self-driving or escorted tours, the aurora borealis, and many other topics are explored in this Unique Iceland show. Listen to start planning your adventure, scenic, and educational vacation to the Land of Fire and Ice and get answers to questions, such as “Should I rent a car to explore Iceland?”

Portugal and the Azores Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry are joined with Lianne Kim of Kensington Tours, kensington tours. com, to discuss the friendly, beautiful, moderately priced Portugal and its mid-Atlantic Azortes islands. Like Iceland, Portugal and the Azores are just now starting to get truly discovered, as many people only go to Spain when visiting the Iberian Peninsula. The show covers Portugal’s wine areas, historic and religious areas, Algarve with its quaint towns and resort areas, spectacular scenery, popular areas to visit, wide variety of hotel options, including historic pousadas, length of time to visit, best time of year to go, and many other things you can do and experience in this fabulous country. The show will excite you to visit soon before the crowds discover it.

Travel the World like the Locals Travel Advice Show

Tony Perdomo of Tucan Travel,, Chris, and Jerry explore adventure travel in a way you may never have considered. Overlanding where you do the shopping and cooking, taking local transportation within cities and between countries, no single supplements, small group size, free time to explore, and trips ranging from 7 to 77 days are just some of the options discussed. And all at prices less than staying home. Tucan Travel offers tens of trips throughout the world that you should highly consider for a unique perspective of cultures and adventures you’re friends have yet to experience, but will when you return.

Unique Norway Travel Advice Show

Unique things to see, travel, experience, and many other exciting activities are discussed by Morgan McKenna of Kensington Tours,, Chris, and Jerry. You will learn of many cultural and fabulous things to do in Norway including adventure cruising northwestern Spitzbergen, exploring numerous less-touristy fjords, budgeting for the cost of food, spending the night with the Sami people in the Arctic, hiking numerous mountains to view beautiful fjords and valleys, taking the scenic Hurtigruten coastal cruise, driving through central Norway, kayaking, and marveling at the Aurora Borealis and daylight at 2 am are just some of the topics discussed.

Alps Alpenwild Travel Advice Show

Greg Witt, president and founder of Alpenwild, joins Chris and Jerry to discus the many options to experience the Alps. The primary emphasis is on walking, hiking, and trekking the Alps of Switzerland, France, and Italy, including the definitions of walking, hiking, and trekking, difficulty of the various trails, age and health requirements, types of accommodations, food, including cheese and chocolate, times of year, including winter, to do the various activities, and many other pertinent facts to enhance your Alpine by foot experience. Greg goes into great detail on the famous and not-so-famous hikes. He also discusses their exciting multi-rail trip which includes the various cog rail trains and trains pass through the scenic the scenic areas of Switzerland, including the Glacier Express, Bernina Express, Golden pass Line, and tunneling through the Elger to arrive at the Jungfraujoch, the highest railway station in Europe. Prior to solidifying your trip to the Alps, you must listen to this show to learn many options to make your vacation truly exciting and memorable.

Auto Europe Travel Advice

Chris and Jerry explore renting and leasing cars in Europe with Frank Moulton, Sales Manager of Auto Europe, the world’s largest car rental brokerage. When and when not to rent or lease a car, types of insurances, driving in Eastern Europe, minimum and maximum age restrictions, driving styles, International Driver’s License, drop charges and many other important facets of European car rental were discussed. While making European travel plans, listen to this program for a better and more exciting trip.

Russia and the CIS Countries Travel Advice Show

Doug Grimes of MIR Corporation join Chris and Jerry to discuss traveling through Russia, China, Mongolia and the C.I.S. countries. He gives numerous suggestions including the best time to visit, exciting means of transportation options and suggests itineraries, including escorted and F.I.T, to best enjoy the areas. Less visited areas, such as the five “Stan” countries and the Caucasus region, are also discussed. Don’t visit this part of the world without first listening to this program.

Unique Italy Travel Advice Show

The unique and exciting world of Italy is explored by Suzanne Campion-Tittoto, president of Campioni-Italiani , Chris and Jerry. From north to south, the various regions of Italy are discussed including, food, wines, levels and interesting types of accommodations, ways to travel, Italy’s geographical variations, exciting, untouristy areas, length of stay and many other suggestions to enhance your Italian travel experience.