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Trains and Travel Advice Show

The exciting world of rail travel is discussed by Chris Skow of, Chris, and Jerry. Topics discussed include the history of rail travel, train tours, train trips, train vacations, and luxury private rail car trips. Started in 1984 by Chris, a retired conductor of the Western Pacific/Union Pacific rail,, also known as Trains & Travel International, has been offering rail trips throughout the world from a 1­day California Zephyr trip from Los Angeles to Oakland, CA to a 21­ day Silk Road Moscow to Beijing private Golden Eagle Silk Road. If you’ve ever wanted to travel by rail, this is the program to listen to as Chris goes into great and exciting detail on what it is like, types of rail cars used, difference between train tours, trips, and vacations, and numerous other topics.

Rail Travel Advice Show

The nuts and bolts of international rail travel are discussed giving unique ideas and options. Trains in Canada, the U.S., Europe, China and other places including the various Trans-Siberians are part of the program. Does it matter which train you take between two countries? What is a couchette? Should you buy a pass or point-to-point? Is rail travel the best way to see an area or region? Tune in to find the answers.