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Jerry’s Unique North Peru Trip Travel Advice Show

Inspired by Martha on Marnella Tour’s North Peru Travel Advice Show, Jerry got excited and went to visit three of the historical sites mentioned on the show. He goes into detail how he traveled, where he stayed, and his experiences visiting Ventarron, one of the oldest constructions in the Americas dating from 2,000 BC, the fascinating Lambayeque Royal Tombs Museum, traveling hours by car through spectacular alpine and dry scenery, staying at a hotel overlooking and hiking to the extremely impressive Gotca Waterfalls, trekking to the impressing Karajaia sarcophai tombs, enjoying Kuelap, the largest ancient stone structure in South America, exploring Revash, cliff tombs where mummies were found, visiting the Leymebama mummie museum which houses 219 mummies, and many other adventures. Listen to learn fabulous options on your trip to Peru.

Budget Travel Travel Advice Show

“Traveling Jackie,” of, Chris, and Jerry discuss the exciting world of budget travel. Regardless of your age, gender, and income, you can experience travel on a budget for any length of time you have to travel. Tips for traveling within cities and countries, minimizing stress by pre-booking your first night hotel, utilizing travel guide books, the difference between budget and cheap travel, staying in hostels, carrying and managing money while traveling, and women traveling on their own are just some of the topics discussed by Traveling Jackie on this fun travel advice show.

Ecuador South America Travel Advice Show

Unique and varied Ecuador is discussed by Martha Tavera of Marnella Tours,, Chris, and Jerry. You’ll be amazed at the wide variety of Ecuador’s culture, exploration, adventure, and shopping options. Winding perilous mountains by train, shopping local Indian markets, purchasing gold and silver jewelry, visiting ancient Inca ruins, exciting bird watching, climbing Cotopaxi, the world’s highest active volcano, and other spectacular mountains, exploring the streets of Quito, and determining which is the best way to see the Galapagos Islands are just some of the exciting ideas you’ll discover on Ecuador Travel Advice Show.

Colombia Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry welcome Martha Tavera of Marnella Tours,, who will excite you to visit the varied country of Colombia. It is now safe to visit, walk the streets at night, enjoy unique historical and scenic sites, and have a fabulous vacation. The Gold Museum, excellent shopping in malls with baby sitters, day trips to Zipaquira’s salt cathedral, coffee tasting in Pereira, 16th century Cartagena with its walled city, nearby Rosario Island for Caribbean-clear swimming and relaxing, forts, Tayrona National Park and the 800 AD Lost City, the new “Machu Picchu” in the Santa Maryta District, and San Andres Island, famous for its beaches, relaxation, and unique mixed cultures are just some of the topics discussed. You’ll want to go to Colombia after hearing this program.

Southern Peru Travel Advice Show

Have you ever wanted to hike the Inca and Ausangate Trail, explore Machu Picchu, walk the ancient, historic cobbled streets of Cuzco, and hydrofoil on Lake Titicac? Stay tuned to learn how to do and experience many other fascinating sites in southern Peru.

Martha Tavera of Marnella Tours,, Chris, and Jerry explore many exciting and extensive travel options in southern Peru. Realistic and practical information is given on traveling to and flying over the Nazca lines/plain, motoring between Puno and Arequipa through the impressive, volcanic-surrounded Colca River valley and home of hundreds of condors and the world’s deepest canyon, partaking of the many physical and scenic activities of the Sacred Valley, various types of accommodations and transportation options, and many other ideas for this desert to tropical jungle region of southern Peru.

Northern Peru Travel Advice

Martha Tavera of Marnella Tours,, Chris, and Jerry explore the marvels of northern Peru. Basically undiscovered by tourists, this fascinating area of deserts, Andes mountains, and tropical jungles is one of the world’s hidden gems. Lodges and cruises of the Amazon, ancient ruins near Trujillo and Chiclayo (older than Machu Picchu), Gocta, the world’s third highest waterfalls, ways to travel, best time to visit, culture, history, and many other topics are discussed. You will not only be inspired to spend at least ten days in northern Peru, but you will want to visit soon before it is discovered.

Chile Travel Advice Show

Chile, almost as long as the U.S. is wide, averaging about 125 miles wide, offering, literally, something for everyone, and one of the world’s most unique countries, is discussed by Martha Tavera of Marnella Tours,, Chris, and Jerry. Learn little-and well-known facts, including the English-settled north, Atacama Desert, wine, Skorpios II glacier cruise, Robinson Crusoe and Easter Islands, skiing some of the world’s most famous areas, spectacular mountain and lake regions, fly-cruise Antarctica, and Patagonia, including one of the world’s must-see Tierra del Fuego. No minimum length vacation suggestion is given because it would require weeks to see and do it all, but suggested lengths of time to stay is given for each region. Chile, one of the world’s most exciting countries, is a show you will want to listen to for a vacation you will never forget.

Argentina Travel Advice Show

Doing the tango in Buenos Aires is one of the many topics discussed by Martha Tavera of Marnella Tours,, Chris, and Jerry. This show gives great, often not known, options for visiting Argentina, one of the most versatile South America countries, will inspire you to want to spend your vacation doing and visiting many things. Buenos Aires, famous for its lively international nightlife, shopping, museums, and architecture, nearby estancias (cattle ranches), day trips to Punta del Este, for its beaches, and historic Colonia del Sacramento, both in Uruguay, is discussed in depth. Other country-wide destinations discussed, include: Igauzu Falls’ impressive volume of water and nearby jungle hikes; Mendoza, situated between southern Utah-type deserts and the highest mountain in the America, 22,841 foot Aconcagua, is famous for its wine and skiing; Swiss-like San Carlos de Bariloche with its spectacular lake and mountain scenery; ways to visit El Calafate’s Perito Moreno and other glaciers, viewing and going overland to Torres del Paine, Chile, and outdoor adventure activities; Ushuia, the gateway to Antarctica and Cape Horn via small, adventure cruises; Peninsula Valdes to see whales, sea lions and wolves, and Magallanes penguins. Visa, currency exchange, family vacation ideas, adventure trips, and many other topics are discussed to excite you to visit Argentina, the land of tangos and gauchos, plus many other spectacular sites and activities.

Southern Brazil Travel Advice Show

Southern Brazil, home of Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu Falls, is discussed by Martha Tavera, Marnella Tours,, Chris, and Jerry. No visit to southern Brazil should be made without listening to this show! Learn about the beaches, nightlife, culture, Carnival, the famous sites in Rio and other nearby destinations, should you see Iguazu Falls from the Brazil or Argentine side, the seldom-visited Pantanal with its wildllife, Fort Jungqueira, and adventure, mountainous Oro Petro, Santa Cantalina’s magnificent beaches, German influence, and wine, Santos with wonderful beaches, Sao Paulo, Iguazu Falls, and other unique areas. Also visa requirements, family travel areas, food, climate, and other interesting and needed facts and suggestions are given to help make southern Brazil an excellent vacation choice.

Northern Brazil Travel Advice Show

The not-so-often visited northern part of Brazil is explored by Martha Tavera of Marnella Tours,, Chris, and Jerry. Settled by the Dutch, Portugese, Africans, and other nationalities, whose influence is evident, emphasis is placed on the areas of Manus, Recife, Salvador, Brasilia, and Fernado de Noronha island. This unique, year-round excellent weather part of Brasil offers something for everyone, including the Amazon River, carnivals that allow you to participate in the parades and activities, Caribbean-like white sand beaches, jungle exploration, wide-variety of shopping, excellent food, friendly people, exciting family destination options, and many other activities. A wide range of important topics are discussed that will excite you to visit this fabulous area of Brazil.