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Ways of Travel Travel Advice Show

If you have ever taken a trip and returned either disappointed or ecstatic, it may be the way you traveled that made the difference. Listen as Chris and Jerry discuss the four categories of ways to travel: independent, flexible independent travel, hosted, and escorted. They define and give examples of each category so you can decide which is best for you. It could raise the level of your next vacation to fabulous!

Short Immunizations Travel Advice Tips

Chris and Jerry discuss the importance, necessity, and consequences of immuniuzations in your travel plans. As the world rids itself of many diseases, some countries require vaccinations to enter them. Listen to the Short Immunizations Travel Advice Tips show to learn what shots may be required, what is required to show proof you had them, sources to find what vaccinations are reqired, where to get them, and other valuable tips that will help you have a better vacation. In fact, failure to have the required vaccinations could prohibit your entering a country that requires them.

Camino de Santiago Travel Advice Show

Join Chris and guest George Starks to learn and explore the Camino de Santiago. George has done the Camino 5 times and gives great tips and how to plan the adventure. This show explains where to stay, how to plan and all the in’s and out’s in having the Camino de Santiago experience. This show is a must before you plan your Camino.

Hotels Part One Travel Advice Show

On this part one of a three part series discussing hotels show, Chris and Jerry explore how you decide where to stay, define hotels, accommodations, properties, and lodging, list fifteen categories of places to stay, and explain the different hotel categories. Your vacation will be more complete and exciting after you listen to this realistic discussion on selecting the correct hotel for your vacation.

Children Traveling Alone Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry discuss many of the rules and regulations parents need to know in order for their children to travel safely and legally by themselves on planes, buses, and trains. Each airline, bus company, and rail system has its own requirements for children traveling solo. Some of these rules include age requirements. Generally, children under age five are not allowed to travel by themselves. There are several age categories, each having its own rules, that can apply, such as ages five through seven must travel only on non-stop flights, eight through eleven may be able to change planes, etc. Specific rules regarding the person meeting your children must be met and confirmed by the airlines, bus company, or rail system. Many other rules and requirements are given to help ensure your children can travel by themselves. Parents who want or need to send their children by themselves to a destination need to listen to this show to get a solid foundation to ensure a safe and happy trip for their children.


Jerry’s Unique North Peru Trip Travel Advice Show

Inspired by Martha on Marnella Tour’s North Peru Travel Advice Show, Jerry got excited and went to visit three of the historical sites mentioned on the show. He goes into detail how he traveled, where he stayed, and his experiences visiting Ventarron, one of the oldest constructions in the Americas dating from 2,000 BC, the fascinating Lambayeque Royal Tombs Museum, traveling hours by car through spectacular alpine and dry scenery, staying at a hotel overlooking and hiking to the extremely impressive Gotca Waterfalls, trekking to the impressing Karajaia sarcophai tombs, enjoying Kuelap, the largest ancient stone structure in South America, exploring Revash, cliff tombs where mummies were found, visiting the Leymebama mummie museum which houses 219 mummies, and many other adventures. Listen to learn fabulous options on your trip to Peru.

Exciting World Sites Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry discuss places that will greatly enhance your travels, even if you are going to popular tourist destinations. Included in this show are the Zhangye Danxia Mountains in China, Peru’s Paracas Candelabra, the rarely visited Puma Punka ruin and Salar de Yuymi Salt Desert of Bolivia, White Pocket outcrop in northwestern Arizona, the historic Socotra Islands in Yemen, Ko Phi Phi Islands south of Phuket, Thailand, the beautiful Pamukkale hot pools of southwestern Turkey, and the magnificent scenery and waterfalls of Vagar Island, Faroe islands. They could be the best part of your vacation, so stay tuned.

Zhangye Danxia Mountains
“View of colourful rock formations at the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in Gansu Province, China, 22 September 2012.”

Booking Your Vacation Travel Advice Show

This show is part three of a three part series of Selecting, Planning, and Booking Your Vacation. Chris and Jerry discuss ways to book your vacation which will save a lot of time and problems. There are three basic ways to book your vacation: doing each part of your trip yourself, utilizing a travel agent, cruise line, or tour operator, and a combination of both. Using these ways require research, deposits or full payment at the time of confirmation, organization of confirmations so you can quickly see what has been confirmed, and many other suggestions are contained in this program. Listen to make booking your vacation more complete and easier.

Ways to Select Where You Go on Vacation Travel Advice Show

We, Chris and Jerry, have been asked numerous times how we select where we are going on our next vacation. Chris is forty-four years old and Jerry is seventy-two years old which is one of the reasons we select different vacation spots. The program discusses how age can affect how you select a destination. Listen for exciting Ways to Select Where You Go on Vacation. Some suggestions include spinning a globe with your eyes closed and stopping at a point which will become your next trip, getting an idea from a TV show, movie, book, or email from a friend showing pictures of fascinating and often seldom-seen sites, having a conversation with an interesting person and others. You will get your creative juices moving to select a vacation experience of a life time.

Budget Travel Travel Advice Show

“Traveling Jackie,” of, Chris, and Jerry discuss the exciting world of budget travel. Regardless of your age, gender, and income, you can experience travel on a budget for any length of time you have to travel. Tips for traveling within cities and countries, minimizing stress by pre-booking your first night hotel, utilizing travel guide books, the difference between budget and cheap travel, staying in hostels, carrying and managing money while traveling, and women traveling on their own are just some of the topics discussed by Traveling Jackie on this fun travel advice show.