Mongolia Travel Advice Show

One of the top five countries in the world to visit, Mongolia should be a must-visit destination and definitely soon as it is gradually becoming more modern. Chris and Jerry discuss Mongolia’s highlights and neat things to do while there including visiting the capital, Ulaanbaatar, with its museums, religious and sacred sites, and very interesting day or overnight trips to the semi-Gobi desert where you can ride a camel, Hustain Nuruu National Park to see Pnewski Mongolian horses and genuine Mongolian nomads, and Ghorki-Terelj National Park for impressive rock formations. If you go in the winter, a few miles from Ulaanbaatar you can ski on beginners to advanced trails! Karakorum, base of Genghis Khan and nearby Erdene Zuu Monastery, Mongolia’s largest and oldest Bhuddhist monastery, Altai Tavan Bogd National Park in the far west Mongolian Altai Mountain range with its beautiful lakes, hiking trails, horseback riding, and Golden Eagles, and the massive Gobi desert are just some of the topics discussed along with how long to stay, how to travel the country , types of accommodations, and when to go. Pack your bags and go as you will rank your experience there as one of your best ever!

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