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Doing Adventure Travel Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry discuss the types of adventure travel including overlanding, walking, and bicycling throughout the world, cost, trip length, tour operators that offer a wide variety of adventure travel options, and what you can expect when you take them. They also talk about passport and visas requirements and the amount of money you can expect to take take. This show is a must listen for anyone wanting to take an adventure trip and for those that are thinking about it. It can change your life for the better.

Rwanda Travel Advice Show

Chris, Jerry, and Nicky Brandon of Ker & Downey, kerdowney.com, talk about exciting Rwanda and the many things that make this country well-worth visiting. To explore this once not-often-visited a great overview of Rwanda, you need to spend eleven days and ten nights to see gorillas, baboons, chimpanzees, visit tea plantations, and many other things to explore in this once not-often-visted country including ways to travel and accommodations. After listening to the show, you will want to either add Rwanda to your east African adventure or make it a single destination visit.

New Zealand Adventure Travel Advice Show

Karen Hardy of Australia 2000 returns as guest with Chris and Jerry to discuss the wide-range of outdoor, unique and adventure activities and options while visiting New Zealand. Heli-skiing and hiking, whitewater and sea kayaking, trout and deep sea fishing, sand dunes and multi-day treks were just some of the topics discussed. Listen to this program forfabulous ideas to enhance your New Zealand experience.

Consortium Travel Advice Show

Consortium’s, an increasingly popular one-stop travel shopping source, is discussed by Dave Wiggins, Executive Director of Trusted Adventures, Chris, and Jerry. Trusted Adventures, an excellent consortium example, consists of eight trusted and well-established adventure company members allowing travelers to identify and book top quality adventure travel vacations with confidence and ease at one source. Ways to utilize consortiums, reason why they were created and many other topics are discussed to help narrow down any adventure trips you want to take.

Exotic Adventure Cruise Travel Advice

Mary Camp, adventure coordinator of Adventure Life Voyages, discusses with Chris and Jerry the exciting alternative to exploring the world, adventure cruising. Covering every continent, this viable travel option works for both first and second time visitors to become an active part at their destination. Life on board, land experiences, age options, price range, lectures and many other topics are discussed. Listen to this program for a life-changing travel experience.

Africa Adventure Travel Advice

Diving to see the Great White shark and elephant, horse and camel bush safaris are just two of the many topics discussed with guest, Chris Bradshaw, President of Wild Africa Safaris. Cruising the East African coast in dhows, walking and interacting with lions and cheetahs, gorilla and other primate viewing, canoeing, kayaking and rafting various rated rivers and other adventure ideas are explored to greatly enhance your Africa visit.