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Cultural Tours Travel Advice Show

Distant Horizons, a fascinating, educational company specializing in cultural tours to Asia and the Middle East is the topic of today’s program. Janet Moore, owner of Distant Horizons, joins Chris and Jerry as they explore the company’s origin, concept and destinations. This inovative travel company which combines culture, guest scholar leaders, seldom visited countries, original itineraries and a chance to breathe the destination’s traditions is an exciting way to broaden your travel experiences.

Far East Asia Travel Advice Show

Guest, Linda Ralston, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Coordinator of Leisure Services Maagement at the University of Utah, Chris and Jerry discuss the changes in travel in China from the mid 1970s to the present and give suggestions for first time visitors to see and ways to travel. Based on their many visits to this part of the word, they give suggested itineraries, time of year and modes of travel, discussed in a fun way. They also explore which Far East Asia countries to visit first, Far East Russia, South Korea and Japan. A must for the first time visitor to Far East Asia.