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Southern Brazil Travel Advice Show

Southern Brazil, home of Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu Falls, is discussed by Martha Tavera, Marnella Tours, marnellatours.com, Chris, and Jerry. No visit to southern Brazil should be made without listening to this show! Learn about the beaches, nightlife, culture, Carnival, the famous sites in Rio and other nearby destinations, should you see Iguazu Falls from the Brazil or Argentine side, the seldom-visited Pantanal with its wildllife, Fort Jungqueira, and adventure, mountainous Oro Petro, Santa Cantalina’s magnificent beaches, German influence, and wine, Santos with wonderful beaches, Sao Paulo, Iguazu Falls, and other unique areas. Also visa requirements, family travel areas, food, climate, and other interesting and needed facts and suggestions are given to help make southern Brazil an excellent vacation choice.

Northern Brazil Travel Advice Show

The not-so-often visited northern part of Brazil is explored by Martha Tavera of Marnella Tours, marnellatours.com, Chris, and Jerry. Settled by the Dutch, Portugese, Africans, and other nationalities, whose influence is evident, emphasis is placed on the areas of Manus, Recife, Salvador, Brasilia, and Fernado de Noronha island. This unique, year-round excellent weather part of Brasil offers something for everyone, including the Amazon River, carnivals that allow you to participate in the parades and activities, Caribbean-like white sand beaches, jungle exploration, wide-variety of shopping, excellent food, friendly people, exciting family destination options, and many other activities. A wide range of important topics are discussed that will excite you to visit this fabulous area of Brazil.