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Planning Your Vacation Part Two Travel Advice Show

This is the second part OF PLANNING YOU VACATION WHICH IS PART OF a series of three shows to make your next vacation better: selecting, planning, and booking your vacation. In Planning Your Vacation Part Two Travel Advice Show, Chris and Jerry discuss: consider the weather where you are going, ensure each person gets to do and see that which he/she would like to do and see, take a variety of transportation options, such as rail, bus, escorted day tours, and water travel, to experience the destination you have selected, work with travel agents, tour operators, and the Internet for unique ideas, ensure that what you want to do fits within your vacation time AND BUDGET, suggestions to keep your home-life running smoothly, and other suggestions. You will want to listen to both Planning One and Two for a more fulfilling and memorable travel experience.

Budget Travel Around the World Travel Advice Show

The difference between cheap and budget travel were some of the topics guest Brian Erickson, Chris and Jerry discussed on budget travel. Tips such as why or why not to travel off-season, setting budgets, various travel passes, being safe, ideas of where to purchase tickets, staying healthy while traveling on a budget and numerous other ideas were discussed. Even if you’re not traveling on a budget, listen to this program to obtain some helpful suggestions to travel better and safer.