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Travel the World like the Locals Travel Advice Show

Tony Perdomo of Tucan Travel, tucantravel.com, Chris, and Jerry explore adventure travel in a way you may never have considered. Overlanding where you do the shopping and cooking, taking local transportation within cities and between countries, no single supplements, small group size, free time to explore, and trips ranging from 7 to 77 days are just some of the options discussed. And all at prices less than staying home. Tucan Travel offers tens of trips throughout the world that you should highly consider for a unique perspective of cultures and adventures you’re friends have yet to experience, but will when you return.

Rail Travel Advice Show

The nuts and bolts of international rail travel are discussed giving unique ideas and options. Trains in Canada, the U.S., Europe, China and other places including the various Trans-Siberians are part of the program. Does it matter which train you take between two countries? What is a couchette? Should you buy a pass or point-to-point? Is rail travel the best way to see an area or region? Tune in to find the answers.

European Travel Advice Show

Europe offers a wide variety of exciting ways to see it. This program presents numerous travel options such as ferries, rail, car rental, hot air balloon and other suggestions to best see this continent. Ideas are presented for neat options to see the various countries as each is different including the Gota Canal, Norwegian Coastal Voyage ferry system, large and small river cruises, rail and bus travel along with other ideas are given. Hear this program prior to your next European vacation.