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Hotels Part Three Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry continue discussing hotels with Hotels Part Three Travel Advice Show. It contains important information to answer many question that travelers have, including how do you book a hotel, is there a best way to book a hotel, are there problems with these booking methods, who, how much, and when do you tip, the numerous legalities which you should know about booking, cancelling, and changing a reservation, check in and check out times, and the various acceptable types of hotel guarantees and payment. Listen to complete this three part hotel series to help you make better hotel decisions and prevent surprises.

Hotels Part Two Travel Advice Show

On part two of three shows discussing hotels, Chris and Jerry discuss some of the confusing terms used to describe hotels. Listen to learn what a double, triple, and other hotel room categories really mean. You may be surprised. You will also learn about the hotel rating systems around the world and how a three star hotel in one country may not be the same as a three star hotel in another. The show also discusses how hotels determine the cost of a room. Again, you may be surprised. Listen to gain valuable information so you can get the hotel and room category that you want.

Hotels Part One Travel Advice Show

On this part one of a three part series discussing hotels show, Chris and Jerry explore how you decide where to stay, define hotels, accommodations, properties, and lodging, list fifteen categories of places to stay, and explain the different hotel categories. Your vacation will be more complete and exciting after you listen to this realistic discussion on selecting the correct hotel for your vacation.