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Unique Iceland Travel Advice Show

Rapidly becoming a “hot” vacation destination, Lianne Kim of Kensington Tours, kensingtontours.com, Chris, and Jerry explore Iceland’s unique vacation options. Going into an active volcano, hiking the uninhabited center, glaciers, soaking in hot volcanic heated pools, self-driving or escorted tours, the aurora borealis, and many other topics are explored in this Unique Iceland show. Listen to start planning your adventure, scenic, and educational vacation to the Land of Fire and Ice and get answers to questions, such as “Should I rent a car to explore Iceland?”

Portugal and the Azores Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry are joined with Lianne Kim of Kensington Tours, kensington tours. com, to discuss the friendly, beautiful, moderately priced Portugal and its mid-Atlantic Azortes islands. Like Iceland, Portugal and the Azores are just now starting to get truly discovered, as many people only go to Spain when visiting the Iberian Peninsula. The show covers Portugal’s wine areas, historic and religious areas, Algarve with its quaint towns and resort areas, spectacular scenery, popular areas to visit, wide variety of hotel options, including historic pousadas, length of time to visit, best time of year to go, and many other things you can do and experience in this fabulous country. The show will excite you to visit soon before the crowds discover it.

Unique Norway Travel Advice Show

Unique things to see, travel, experience, and many other exciting activities are discussed by Morgan McKenna of Kensington Tours, kensingtontours.com, Chris, and Jerry. You will learn of many cultural and fabulous things to do in Norway including adventure cruising northwestern Spitzbergen, exploring numerous less-touristy fjords, budgeting for the cost of food, spending the night with the Sami people in the Arctic, hiking numerous mountains to view beautiful fjords and valleys, taking the scenic Hurtigruten coastal cruise, driving through central Norway, kayaking, and marveling at the Aurora Borealis and daylight at 2 am are just some of the topics discussed.