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Unique Norway Travel Advice Show

Unique things to see, travel, experience, and many other exciting activities are discussed by Morgan McKenna of Kensington Tours, kensingtontours.com, Chris, and Jerry. You will learn of many cultural and fabulous things to do in Norway including adventure cruising northwestern Spitzbergen, exploring numerous less-touristy fjords, budgeting for the cost of food, spending the night with the Sami people in the Arctic, hiking numerous mountains to view beautiful fjords and valleys, taking the scenic Hurtigruten coastal cruise, driving through central Norway, kayaking, and marveling at the Aurora Borealis and daylight at 2 am are just some of the topics discussed.

Norway Travel Advice Show

Join Chris and Jerry as they discuss traveling through the beautiful country of Norway. Topics include the high cost of travel, various types of accommodations, the Norwegian Coastal Voyage, rail and car travel and various other topics. The Midnight Sun and the Aurora Borealis are explained and the best times to see ace are also discussed.