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Passports Short Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry talk about passports from a world-wide perspective. Each country has its own requirements for obtaining a passport and the length of time it is valid valild. Many countries require a visa, but who needs a visa is determined by the passport holder’s country. Definitions of passports, who needs them, possible costs, time required to obain them, how soon do you need to get them, and many other elements are discussed so you can have a better understanding of them.

Passports and Visas Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry define passport and visa and give numerous suggestions to help save time, money, and frustration. Topics include checking validity of passports when obtaining visas, expiration dates on visas, length of time to obtain visas and checking to see if having a visa of one country in your passport will prohibit you from entering another country. Airport departure fees are also discussed.