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Hotels Part Three Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry continue discussing hotels with Hotels Part Three Travel Advice Show. It contains important information to answer many question that travelers have, including how do you book a hotel, is there a best way to book a hotel, are there problems with these booking methods, who, how much, and when do you tip, the numerous legalities which you should know about booking, cancelling, and changing a reservation, check in and check out times, and the various acceptable types of hotel guarantees and payment. Listen to complete this three part hotel series to help you make better hotel decisions and prevent surprises.

Consortium Travel Advice Show

Consortium’s, an increasingly popular one-stop travel shopping source, is discussed by Dave Wiggins, Executive Director of Trusted Adventures, Chris, and Jerry. Trusted Adventures, an excellent consortium example, consists of eight trusted and well-established adventure company members allowing travelers to identify and book top quality adventure travel vacations with confidence and ease at one source. Ways to utilize consortiums, reason why they were created and many other topics are discussed to help narrow down any adventure trips you want to take.

Carnival Cruises Travel Advice Show

Willy Beumer of Carnival Cruise Lines joins Chris and Jerry to discuss the changes and advantages of cruising with this 35-year old icon. Carnival changed the world’s concept of cruising and is continuing to be innovative in offering world-wide destinations, variation in activities, exciting ships and attracting passengers of all ages. Willy’s comments will have you on a Carnival Cruise soon.

River Running Travel Advice Show

Guest, Bill Dvorak of Guest, Bill Dvorak of Dvorak Expeditions, joins Chris and Jerry in discussing the exciting world of river travel. Whitewater rafting, kayaking, fly fishing and multi-sport trips ranging from half day to over one week are discussed. Everyone ever wanting to take an exhilarating river trip needs to listen to this program as Bill gives valuable information to ensure your category 1-5 river trip will be one to remember. You’ll definitely take a second river adventure.

Age of Exploration / Traveling for 50+

As the Baby Boomers and the population ages, but are healthy, have time and often money, it becomes a challenge to determine which vacation is perfect for them. Sitting on the beach or golfing at a fabulous resort, usually doesn’t always fill the bill. This program offers a wide variety of options including white water rafting, mountain climbing, heli-hiking, and adventure travel ideas to excite and satisfy the over 50 travelers.

Travel Planning Tips

Guest Linda Ralston, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Coordinator of Leisure Services Management, along with Chris and Jerry give valuable suggestion from visas/passports to packing ideas. Presented in a light and informal way, they give personal successes and failures so your trip will go more smoothly. They’ve traveled millions of miles throughout the world, so have note pad handy while listening to this program.

TurtleWill Travel Advice Show

Irma Turtle, founder of TurtleWill, along with Chris and Jerry discuss an ever-increasing popular and important travel trend. This humanitarian non-profit organization takes volunteers and medical and construction staff to Ethiopia, Mali and Niger to make a difference in the lives of the nomadic tribes. Their motto: Making the world a better place where people can preserve their traditions and retain their dignity” says it all.

Rail Travel Advice Show

The nuts and bolts of international rail travel are discussed giving unique ideas and options. Trains in Canada, the U.S., Europe, China and other places including the various Trans-Siberians are part of the program. Does it matter which train you take between two countries? What is a couchette? Should you buy a pass or point-to-point? Is rail travel the best way to see an area or region? Tune in to find the answers.

Unique Italy Travel Advice Show

The unique and exciting world of Italy is explored by Suzanne Campion-Tittoto, president of Campioni-Italiani , Chris and Jerry. From north to south, the various regions of Italy are discussed including, food, wines, levels and interesting types of accommodations, ways to travel, Italy’s geographical variations, exciting, untouristy areas, length of stay and many other suggestions to enhance your Italian travel experience.

Africa Travel Advice Show

Chris Bradshaw, President of Wild Africa Safari, alongside Chris and Jerry give critical information about traveling to this dark and exciting continent. Many interesting topics including best time of year, ways to travel, places to stay, safety and unique ideas for the area are discussed. Most of the program is spent on West, East and Southern Africa and is made even more interesting with Chris’s many years of living and exploring the area.