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Wendy Simmons Travel Advice Show

Join Chris and Jerry as they discuss three important travel topics with Wendy Simmons, wendysimmons.com, who has traveled to more than 85 countries and counting. A noted travel photographer and writer, including the Huffington Post and her forth-coming book on North Korea (DPRK), Wendy has a down-to-earth, realistic travel approach. This unique program discusses women traveling the world alone, suggestions and directions for taking photographs that truly capture the subject, and some excellent packing trips to make your travel less stressful. Wendy’s sense of humor and enthusiasm for traveling is catching and fun and immediately comes across. This definitely is a must-listen-to program prior to any trip you take.

Mexico Colonial Cities Travel Advice Show

A fascinating and interesting introduction to Mexico’s colonial cities by Nella Huaringa, Senior Travel Advisor for Latin America, Kensington Tours, Chris and Jerry. Definition of colonial cities, differences between cities, length of time to stay, time of year to visit, ones best for children, costs, and many other topics are discussed. A great program helping you better design your first or tenth visit to Mexico.

Ponant Cruises and Small Ship Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry, with guest George Papagapitos, CEO of Ponant, Cultural Cruises & Expeditions, explore the fast-growing adventure and education small ship travel. Destinations, expectations, costs, seminars, philosophy, families, and many other topics of Ponant cruises and this unique travel opportunity are discussed; a most viable option to the large passenger ships and cruise experience.

Private Driver and Guide Travel Advice Show

Robin Brooks, Marketing and PR Director for Kensington Tours, joins Chris and Jerry to discuss ever-growing private driver and guide style of travel.  If escorted, large groups terrify you, restricted itineraries which don’t spend enough time at or visit sites you especially want to visit, or you want the security of having someone local, who speaks the language, and knows neat things to do, then this show is for you. Definition, age group, cost, advantages, options, examples, and other topics are discussed. Every traveler, regardless of travel experience and age, should listen to this program to gain an insight which might make your next trip, your best ever.

River Running Travel Advice Show

Guest, Bill Dvorak of Guest, Bill Dvorak of Dvorak Expeditions, joins Chris and Jerry in discussing the exciting world of river travel. Whitewater rafting, kayaking, fly fishing and multi-sport trips ranging from half day to over one week are discussed. Everyone ever wanting to take an exhilarating river trip needs to listen to this program as Bill gives valuable information to ensure your category 1-5 river trip will be one to remember. You’ll definitely take a second river adventure.

Surfing Travel Advice Show

The exciting world of long board surfing is discussed by trainer and enthusiast Terry “Simba” Simms of terrysimmssurf.com , Chris and Jerry. One of the world’s most talented and respected surf trainers, Terry explains that anyone can surf; they just haven’t done it yet. Every level from beginner to professional is discussed including how to select a surf board, places to surf depending on level and many other topics are explored.

Scuba Diving Travel Advice

Marjanna Helwig, owner of Great Expeditions, joins Chris and Jerry on a world discussion of scuba diving. Travel advice on suggested first time dive destinations, detailed explanation of live aboard diving, options for mixed diving and non-diving traveling companions, times of year to go, various types of diving such as wall, reef, fish and other “critters”, wrecks, “hot spots” and many other topics are explored. Perfect program for all levels of divers.

Gay/Lesbian Travel Advice Show

Chris, Jerry and Jim Smith, founder of Coda International Tours, discuss gay/lesbian travel. This upscale specialty travel company offers culturally and intellectually curious travelers exciting ways to see the world. Safety, group size, travel interests, destinations and numerous other topics are discussed with emphasis on the gay/lesbian travel market.

Travel Advice for Traveling with the Family & Children

Learn what it’s like to travel with children from Mary Gene Fuller, mother of eleven children. She, her husband and family have traveled North America by car from Mexico to Alaska and California to Newfoundland. Unique ideas of keeping your children safe, not lost, happy and content are given in an exciting format. Regardless of the number of children you have, this program will help make your travels with them more exciting.

Consolidated Air Travel Advice Show

Great travel options to customize your travel plans are presented by Frank Moulton, Sales Director for Auto Europe, along with Chris and Jerry. The advantages of consolidated air fares, chauffer-driven cars and lodging, primarily in Europe, are discussed as viable options to design your vacation the way you would like at great savings. Listen to this program prior to culminating your European and world travel plans.