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Short Travel Guide Books Travel Advice Show

Most travelers want to know as much as possible about the destination they are going to visit. One of the most popular ways to learn information is through travel books. Chris and Jerry talk about how travel guide books are written, their purpose, selected audience, ways to use them, and when to purchase them. Suggested guides are mentioned by name with explanation of their importance and directed audience and who should purchase them. Chris and Jerry also mention Jerry’s traveladvicebooks.com and their purpose. Listen to this short show to help you simplify your travel guide books selection.

Travel Books Travel Advice Show

Cameron Hewitt, Senior Editor, Researcher, and co-author of Rick Steves’ guide books, joins Chris and Jerry to discuss ways to use this mandatory travel resource. How they are organized, written, researched and updated and the philosophy behind them are openly discussed to let you know how these practical and objective travel companions are written. While planning your vacation use these books to have a smoother and better trip.