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Children Traveling Alone Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry discuss many of the rules and regulations parents need to know in order for their children to travel safely and legally by themselves on planes, buses, and trains. Each airline, bus company, and rail system has its own requirements for children traveling solo. Some of these rules include age requirements. Generally, children under age five are not allowed to travel by themselves. There are several age categories, each having its own rules, that can apply, such as ages five through seven must travel only on non-stop flights, eight through eleven may be able to change planes, etc. Specific rules regarding the person meeting your children must be met and confirmed by the airlines, bus company, or rail system. Many other rules and requirements are given to help ensure your children can travel by themselves. Parents who want or need to send their children by themselves to a destination need to listen to this show to get a solid foundation to ensure a safe and happy trip for their children.


Booking Your Vacation Travel Advice Show

This show is part three of a three part series of Selecting, Planning, and Booking Your Vacation. Chris and Jerry discuss ways to book your vacation which will save a lot of time and problems. There are three basic ways to book your vacation: doing each part of your trip yourself, utilizing a travel agent, cruise line, or tour operator, and a combination of both. Using these ways require research, deposits or full payment at the time of confirmation, organization of confirmations so you can quickly see what has been confirmed, and many other suggestions are contained in this program. Listen to make booking your vacation more complete and easier.

Consortium Travel Advice Show

Consortium’s, an increasingly popular one-stop travel shopping source, is discussed by Dave Wiggins, Executive Director of Trusted Adventures, Chris, and Jerry. Trusted Adventures, an excellent consortium example, consists of eight trusted and well-established adventure company members allowing travelers to identify and book top quality adventure travel vacations with confidence and ease at one source. Ways to utilize consortiums, reason why they were created and many other topics are discussed to help narrow down any adventure trips you want to take.

Carnival Cruises Travel Advice Show

Willy Beumer of Carnival Cruise Lines joins Chris and Jerry to discuss the changes and advantages of cruising with this 35-year old icon. Carnival changed the world’s concept of cruising and is continuing to be innovative in offering world-wide destinations, variation in activities, exciting ships and attracting passengers of all ages. Willy’s comments will have you on a Carnival Cruise soon.

Antarctica Travel Advice Show

Often called the “Last Continent” or “The Greatest Vacation Experience”, Antarctica is truly on the top of all traveler’s lists. Unique in many ways, the Frozen Continent offers experiences unlike any other found on earth. Using zodiacs, ship, kayaks and walking, this trip offers fabulous experiences exploring fascinating animal life, icebergs and weather. Chris and Jerry give suggested ways to visit the continent, explain best months to visit, discuss crossing the Drake passage, compare different companies that offer programs and many other ideas to enhance your experience.

Grandparent / Grandchildren Travel Advice Show

Helena Koenig, founder of Grand Travel, joints Chris and Jerry to discuss the fast-growing and family-uniting grandparent/grandchild travel concept. She shares her 22-year experience with this exciting travel opportunity with ideas on safety, itinerary planning and pacing, modes of travel, unique travel experiences, transmitting cultural inheritances and many other ideas to help grandparents and grandchildren bond together while traveling worldwide.

Johnny Jet Travel Advice Show

This show teaches you how to save money while making your vacation and adventure plans. Johnny Jet, founder of JohnnyJet.com, joins Chris and Jerry to discuss traveling in style while saving big bucks. Featured on many radio and television networks and in travel newspapers and articles, Johnny created a website where everyone should begin their plans as it links to thousands of travel websites including airline, hotels, cars, travel articles and many other tools to make you a better traveler.

Travel Agency Travel Advice Show

Charles Weston of yourtrip.com joins Chris and Jerry to discuss the roll of the travel agent. History, current status, how to efficiently work with and select a travel agency, specialties, fees and many other topics are discussed to help you have a more successful vacation. Specific examples of how best to utilize a travel agent are also given. See your travel agent for fabulous travel options.

Travel Blanket Travel Advice Show

Airline passengers have struggled forever with seldom-provided, microsocpic blankets and freezing to death while flying. Jim Levings, co-founder of Cabin Cuddler travel blanket, joins Chris and Jerry to explain his unique invention to solve these problems. It’s size, numerous uses, colors and other topics are also discussed.

Travel Geography Advice Show

Chris and Jerry discuss the roll geography plays in determining the travel experience you will. Some of the topics include the International Date Line, time zones, and why some islands are dry and desert and others are lush and tropical. They also explain the difference of Micronesia, Polynesia and Melanesia.