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Seychelles Travel Advice Show

Located about one thousand miles east of Kenya in the northwestern part of the Indian Ocean lie the Seychelles, some of the most unique, beautiful, and fabulous islands in the world. Chris and Jerry discuss why should get there soon as the world and large cruise ships are discovering them. Fabulous, mainly French and Creole food consisting of wonderful spices and tropical fruit and vegetables, fresh fish often with bones, guts, eyeballs, etc., snorkeling, some of the world’s most truly spectacular beaches, wide variety of clean accommodations, ways to travel within and between islands, when to go, what to see, coconuts weighing over forty pounds, and many other things and activities are discussed and will entice you to visit this Eden and Paradise of the world.

Rwanda Travel Advice Show

Chris, Jerry, and Nicky Brandon of Ker & Downey,, talk about exciting Rwanda and the many things that make this country well-worth visiting. To explore this once not-often-visited a great overview of Rwanda, you need to spend eleven days and ten nights to see gorillas, baboons, chimpanzees, visit tea plantations, and many other things to explore in this once not-often-visted country including ways to travel and accommodations. After listening to the show, you will want to either add Rwanda to your east African adventure or make it a single destination visit.


Mike Nesbitt, president of African Safari Company & Expeditions,, Chris, and Jerry talk about the ins and outs of going on an African safari. About everything you need to know to plan the African safari you want is here. We talk about how much in advance you need to book your safari, times of year to visit to ensure the experience you want, seeing gorillas, accommodations and lodges, prices, should you take your children, how long to stay, and many other specific topics which you need to assist you for your African safari travel plans.

Peru, Tanzania, and Kilimanjaro Travel Advice Show

Do not visit Peru and Tanzania without listening to Robin Paschall of Adventures Within Reach, Chris, and Jerry discuss these two exciting destinations. Along with the basic facts, often unknown and fascinating insights are given such as where the best beaches are located in Zanzibar, the different accommodation options such as lodges and permanent and mobile tented camps in the Serengeti, unique cultural experience of visiting the Hadza Bushmen in Tanzania, cooking with the locals in Cuzco, visiting Lake Titicaca, talking about the various Inca Trails, and when is the worst time to visit Peru and Tanzania. This show will greatly assist you in your planning stage to make the best decisions for a fabulous vacation.

Ethiopia Travel Advice Show

Listen to this program for a taste of truly one of the world’s most fascinating and unique countries, Ethiopia. This amazing, historical, naturally beautiful country, once known as Abyssinia, is discussed by Janet Moore, founder of Distant Horizons. The fascinating towns of Axum, Bahir Dar, Gondar, Lalibela and Addis Ababa are explored along with rafting the Omo River and the Semien Mountains.

Madagascar Travel Advice Show

Madagascar, one of the world’s most unique, adventurous, fascinating and exciting countries, is the topic for Megan Bryant, Director of Indian Ocean Islands for Cox and Kings USA. We discuss best locations, best time to visit, suggested first and additional time itineraries, safety, food, means of transportation, local culture and people, flora, fauna, lemurs and many other topics are discussed to make your trip to one of the most bio-diversifed areas of the world more enjoyable.

Africa Adventure Travel Advice

Diving to see the Great White shark and elephant, horse and camel bush safaris are just two of the many topics discussed with guest, Chris Bradshaw, President of Wild Africa Safaris. Cruising the East African coast in dhows, walking and interacting with lions and cheetahs, gorilla and other primate viewing, canoeing, kayaking and rafting various rated rivers and other adventure ideas are explored to greatly enhance your Africa visit.

Algeria Travel Advice Show

Peter Grubb, founder and president of ROW Inc, joins Chris and Jerry to explore fascinating Algeria. Always popular with the French, this exciting country is just beginning to be discovered by the rest of the world as a cultural, historical, scenic and phenomenal experience. Times to go, ways to visit, accommodations, topography, mandatory sites to see and many other topics are discussed to make your Algerian visit complete.

Southern Africa Travel Advice Show

Great to have Chris Bradshaw of Wild Africa Safaris as a repeat guest. Chris, Jerry and he spend an hour discussing the wonderful experiences possible in South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Overlanding, air safaris, various types of private and national park game reserves, time to go, cultural experiences and many other topics are explored. Definitely, this show is a must for any first-time and repeat southern Africa traveler.

Egypt Travel Advice Show

Listen as Chris and special guest co-host Cheryl Taylor talk about visiting Egypt. Cheryl talks about some of her previous experiences in Egypt and gives some tips while visiting Egypt.