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Southern Peru Travel Advice Show

Have you ever wanted to hike the Inca and Ausangate Trail, explore Machu Picchu, walk the ancient, historic cobbled streets of Cuzco, and hydrofoil on Lake Titicac? Stay tuned to learn how to do and experience many other fascinating sites in southern Peru.

Martha Tavera of Marnella Tours, marnellatours.com, Chris, and Jerry explore many exciting and extensive travel options in southern Peru. Realistic and practical information is given on traveling to and flying over the Nazca lines/plain, motoring between Puno and Arequipa through the impressive, volcanic-surrounded Colca River valley and home of hundreds of condors and the world’s deepest canyon, partaking of the many physical and scenic activities of the Sacred Valley, various types of accommodations and transportation options, and many other ideas for this desert to tropical jungle region of southern Peru.

Northern Peru Travel Advice

Martha Tavera of Marnella Tours, marnellatours.com, Chris, and Jerry explore the marvels of northern Peru. Basically undiscovered by tourists, this fascinating area of deserts, Andes mountains, and tropical jungles is one of the world’s hidden gems. Lodges and cruises of the Amazon, ancient ruins near Trujillo and Chiclayo (older than Machu Picchu), Gocta, the world’s third highest waterfalls, ways to travel, best time to visit, culture, history, and many other topics are discussed. You will not only be inspired to spend at least ten days in northern Peru, but you will want to visit soon before it is discovered.

Chile Travel Advice Show

Chile, almost as long as the U.S. is wide, averaging about 125 miles wide, offering, literally, something for everyone, and one of the world’s most unique countries, is discussed by Martha Tavera of Marnella Tours, marnellatours.com, Chris, and Jerry. Learn little-and well-known facts, including the English-settled north, Atacama Desert, wine, Skorpios II glacier cruise, Robinson Crusoe and Easter Islands, skiing some of the world’s most famous areas, spectacular mountain and lake regions, fly-cruise Antarctica, and Patagonia, including one of the world’s must-see Tierra del Fuego. No minimum length vacation suggestion is given because it would require weeks to see and do it all, but suggested lengths of time to stay is given for each region. Chile, one of the world’s most exciting countries, is a show you will want to listen to for a vacation you will never forget.