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Unique Iran Travel Advice Show

Chris, Jerry, and Jerry’s friend, Siamak Gholami, give advice for traveling Iran, one of the world’s top five destinations to visit, that you should know, but may not even have thought about. Tea, caviar, historical monuments, exotic food, rice, ways to travel, types of accommodations, ghaliyan (hookah), dress codes, geographic areas, when to go, what to do, culture, and many other things that will make your visit to Iran truly one to remember. You will want to return.

Africa Travel Advice Show

Chris Bradshaw, President of Wild Africa Safari, alongside Chris and Jerry give critical information about traveling to this dark and exciting continent. Many interesting topics including best time of year, ways to travel, places to stay, safety and unique ideas for the area are discussed. Most of the program is spent on West, East and Southern Africa and is made even more interesting with Chris’s many years of living and exploring the area.