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Ways to Select Where You Go on Vacation Travel Advice Show

We, Chris and Jerry, have been asked numerous times how we select where we are going on our next vacation. Chris is forty-four years old and Jerry is seventy-two years old which is one of the reasons we select different vacation spots. The program discusses how age can affect how you select a destination. Listen for exciting Ways to Select Where You Go on Vacation. Some suggestions include spinning a globe with your eyes closed and stopping at a point which will become your next trip, getting an idea from a TV show, movie, book, or email from a friend showing pictures of fascinating and often seldom-seen sites, having a conversation with an interesting person and others. You will get your creative juices moving to select a vacation experience of a life time.

Rail Travel Advice Show

The nuts and bolts of international rail travel are discussed giving unique ideas and options. Trains in Canada, the U.S., Europe, China and other places including the various Trans-Siberians are part of the program. Does it matter which train you take between two countries? What is a couchette? Should you buy a pass or point-to-point? Is rail travel the best way to see an area or region? Tune in to find the answers.