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River Running Travel Advice Show

Guest, Bill Dvorak of Guest, Bill Dvorak of Dvorak Expeditions, joins Chris and Jerry in discussing the exciting world of river travel. Whitewater rafting, kayaking, fly fishing and multi-sport trips ranging from half day to over one week are discussed. Everyone ever wanting to take an exhilarating river trip needs to listen to this program as Bill gives valuable information to ensure your category 1-5 river trip will be one to remember. You’ll definitely take a second river adventure.

Alaska Cruises Travel Advice Show

The numerous available options of cruising Alaska are discussed by Bill Pedlar, President of Knightly Tours, Chris and Jerry. 7, 10, and 14-day cruise itineraries are explained and which type of traveler might enjoy each. Definition of Inside Passage, best times to cruise, large and small ship definition and activities, traveling with children, suggested first and second time visitor cruis Heavily forees, and numerous other topics are explored to make your Alaska vacation even more complete.

Canadian Rockies Travel Advice Show

Return guest Bill Pedlar, Vice President of Knightly Tours, explores the exciting Canadian Rockies with Chris and Jerry. Definition, how to travel, when to go, itineraries, wildlife and many other topics are discussed. Listen for the numerous exciting ideas and options to make your Canadian Rockies’ vacation truly spectacular.

Additional Travel Advice:

Alberta and British Columbia are each about the size of Texas and larger than France.

Both provinces have spectacular mountain scenery and world-class snow skiing. Each province requires a minimum of one one week to do any justice to see them. Both provinces are best seen with a rental car or on an escorted tour.

Mexico Travel Advice Show

Guest Silvia Gonzales discusses unique destinations in Mexico with Chris and Jerry. Many people have been to the major resort areas of this lively and historical country, but this program emphasizes those areas that many visitors fail to visit or have never heard of. Some of the areas include Isla de Holbox, San Cristobal de las Casas, Mayan ruins of Bonampan and Yaxchilan, Veracruz and other unique places. Listen to this program prior to planning any trip to Mexico as it can enhance your vacation many times.

Western States Travel Advice

Chris and Jerry give advice for traveling in the Western States of America. Places like Jackson, Wyoming, Southern Utah, Las Vagas, Nevada, Northern California and hidden stops in the west.