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Unique Iceland Travel Advice Show

Rapidly becoming a “hot” vacation destination, Lianne Kim of Kensington Tours, kensingtontours.com, Chris, and Jerry explore Iceland’s unique vacation options. Going into an active volcano, hiking the uninhabited center, glaciers, soaking in hot volcanic heated pools, self-driving or escorted tours, the aurora borealis, and many other topics are explored in this Unique Iceland show. Listen to start planning your adventure, scenic, and educational vacation to the Land of Fire and Ice and get answers to questions, such as “Should I rent a car to explore Iceland?”

Iceland Travel Advice Show

The exciting, adventurous and unique destination of Iceland is explored by Holly Nelson, Sales Director of Iceland Adventure, along with Chris and Jerry. Icelandic horses, geysers, hiking, accommodations, times of year to travel, culture, history, transportation options, length of stay and many other topics are discussed to make your Icelandic visit phenomenal.