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Travel Advice for Traveling with the Family & Children

Learn what it’s like to travel with children from Mary Gene Fuller, mother of eleven children. She, her husband and family have traveled North America by car from Mexico to Alaska and California to Newfoundland. Unique ideas of keeping your children safe, not lost, happy and content are given in an exciting format. Regardless of the number of children you have, this program will help make your travels with them more exciting.

Travel Blanket Travel Advice Show

Airline passengers have struggled forever with seldom-provided, microsocpic blankets and freezing to death while flying. Jim Levings, co-founder of Cabin Cuddler travel blanket, joins Chris and Jerry to explain his unique invention to solve these problems. It’s size, numerous uses, colors and other topics are also discussed.

Greece Travel Advice Show

Aliki Weston of Carlson Wagonlit Travel, yourtrip.com, in Philadelphia, explores historic, beautiful and exciting Greece with Chris and Jerry. Enhanced by her being Greek and well-traveled through her country, Greece comes alive with detailed suggestions of best and better times to visit, comparison of ferries, cruises, yachts and air travel within the country, land travel options, the language, hotel and accommodation options, suggested itineraries and many other topics. Listen to this program to make your Greek vacation even better and obtain the best possible experience.