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Wendy Simmons Travel Advice Show

Join Chris and Jerry as they discuss three important travel topics with Wendy Simmons, wendysimmons.com, who has traveled to more than 85 countries and counting. A noted travel photographer and writer, including the Huffington Post and her forth-coming book on North Korea (DPRK), Wendy has a down-to-earth, realistic travel approach. This unique program discusses women traveling the world alone, suggestions and directions for taking photographs that truly capture the subject, and some excellent packing trips to make your travel less stressful. Wendy’s sense of humor and enthusiasm for traveling is catching and fun and immediately comes across. This definitely is a must-listen-to program prior to any trip you take.

North Korea Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry explore the DPRK (North Korea) as Jerry recently returned from visiting much of the country. Entrance requirements, expectations, realities, and experiences are discussed. This is an important show for those desiring to see this seldom visited, exciting country.