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Carnival Cruises Travel Advice Show

Willy Beumer of Carnival Cruise Lines joins Chris and Jerry to discuss the changes and advantages of cruising with this 35-year old icon. Carnival changed the world’s concept of cruising and is continuing to be innovative in offering world-wide destinations, variation in activities, exciting ships and attracting passengers of all ages. Willy’s comments will have you on a Carnival Cruise soon.

Exotic Adventure Cruise Travel Advice

Mary Camp, adventure coordinator of Adventure Life Voyages, discusses with Chris and Jerry the exciting alternative to exploring the world, adventure cruising. Covering every continent, this viable travel option works for both first and second time visitors to become an active part at their destination. Life on board, land experiences, age options, price range, lectures and many other topics are discussed. Listen to this program for a life-changing travel experience.

Windstar Cruise Travel Advice Show

For a truly unique water-travel experience, put yourself on a Windstar Cruise. Vanessa Bloy, Director of Public Relations for Windstar Cruises, Chris and Jerry explain why travel on the multi-masted Windstar ships is an adventure of a lifetime. Activities, ship layouts, varied menus inspired locally, itineraries, types of passengers and many other topics are explored.

Cruises Travel Advice Show

Whether you are a first or multi-time cruiser, you need to listen to this program. The different types of water travel such as large and small cruise ships, ferries, river, barges, freighters, yachts and other forms are discussed. If you’ve ever wondered if it mattered where you’re located on the ship, what is the difference between large and small ships and does it matter if you have a balcony or not, pull up this archived show.

Cruise Critic Travel Advice Show

Cruisecritic.com, the most comprehensive, valuable and informative cruise web site in the world, is our topic of today’s show. Melissa Baldwin, managing editor, joins Chris and Jerry to explain how to best utilize this money-saving site. Numerous topics including ship review, port information, member chats and discounts are discussed. Begin your cruise experience by first visiting cruisecritic.com.