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Seychelles Travel Advice Show

Located about one thousand miles east of Kenya in the northwestern part of the Indian Ocean lie the Seychelles, some of the most unique, beautiful, and fabulous islands in the world. Chris and Jerry discuss why should get there soon as the world and large cruise ships are discovering them. Fabulous, mainly French and Creole food consisting of wonderful spices and tropical fruit and vegetables, fresh fish often with bones, guts, eyeballs, etc., snorkeling, some of the world’s most truly spectacular beaches, wide variety of clean accommodations, ways to travel within and between islands, when to go, what to see, coconuts weighing over forty pounds, and many other things and activities are discussed and will entice you to visit this Eden and Paradise of the world.


Chris and Jerry explore and discuss in detail western Indonesia especially Sumatra and the smaller islands off its coast. Sumatra, the world’s fifth largest island, has three major cities: Medan, Padang, and Palembang and many neat things to do. You will be impressed with the variety of sightseeing and adventure options available including climbing volcanoes, hiking through jungles searching for gibbons and orangutans, visiting Buddhist temples, spending time at Lake Toba, the world’s largest volcanic lake, shopping for unique items in Palembang’s malls, river rafting, and many other exciting things that are just some of the experiences you will have in this destination not often visited by US citizens, but by the rest of the world.

Eastern Indonesia Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry talk about one of the top ten destinations in the world to visit – Eastern Indonesia. There is something there that will excite and amaze nearly every traveler of any age. The island of Java with its access to Krakatoa volcano, Jogjakarta and Surakarta with impressive Javanese temples including Borobudur and Prambanan, the active volcano Mount Bromo, and the beautiful Tengger mountain chain, Bali which appeals to nearly everyone with magnificent beaches, hill-country Ubud, and a variety of physical activities, orangutans, culture, and festivals in Sumatra, the amazing three hundred Stone Age societies of West Papua, Sulawesi’s Londa burial caves and Kete Kesu, unique home architecture of Troja villages, and other unique sites, and rarely visited East and West Timor with their excellent diving and snorkeling, beaches, and unique cemeteries. You will want to go to this fantastic area of the world after listening to this show.

Ireland Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry give personal advice on ways to visit beautiful, historic, and active Ireland. Included topics are when to go, various ways to travel the island, what is the minimum time you should spend on your first visit, nightlife, expectations, and many others to let you enjoy what Chris and Jerry claim is the world’s most beautiful country. We think you will also after listening to the show and returning from your visit to the Emerald Isle.

Cuba Part Two Travel Advice Show

Listen as Chris and Jerry continue their discussion about visiting Cuba. Cuba Part Two Travel Advice Show talks about other activities you may want to consider, when to go, nightlife, and other options to make your vacation even better. Riding in 1950s American convertibles to take a night Havana tour, definition and descriptions of casa particulares or guesthouses, four and five star hotels, and other accommodations, visiting an alligator farm, weather, food, safety, and other information to help give you an exciting experience in the largest Caribbean island.

Cuba Part One Travel Advice Show

Join Chris and Jerry on an exciting visit to Cuba. The show discusses different nationalities visiting there, the two Cuban pesos used on the island, food, do’s and dont’s, transportation, and many other things to excite you to visit this fabulous, multi-historied Caribbean island.

Should you go to Cuba in July? Do they have excellent hotels to stay in? Stay tuned to learn even more of this exciting, relatively untouristy destination to make your visit fantastic!

Tahiti/French Polynesia Travel Advice Show

As Rodney Smith, Vice President of Sunspots International, Chris and Jerry discuss the exotic and romantic South Pacific destination of Tahiti/French Polynesia, you’ll see why these islands have inspired exciting dance, literature, art, music and life-changing experiences for centuries. Location, definition, water and air travel between the islands, food, accommodations, costs, siteseeing and the people are just some of the topics explored.

Antarctica Travel Advice Show

Often called the “Last Continent” or “The Greatest Vacation Experience”, Antarctica is truly on the top of all traveler’s lists. Unique in many ways, the Frozen Continent offers experiences unlike any other found on earth. Using zodiacs, ship, kayaks and walking, this trip offers fabulous experiences exploring fascinating animal life, icebergs and weather. Chris and Jerry give suggested ways to visit the continent, explain best months to visit, discuss crossing the Drake passage, compare different companies that offer programs and many other ideas to enhance your experience.

Madagascar Travel Advice Show

Madagascar, one of the world’s most unique, adventurous, fascinating and exciting countries, is the topic for Megan Bryant, Director of Indian Ocean Islands for Cox and Kings USA. We discuss best locations, best time to visit, suggested first and additional time itineraries, safety, food, means of transportation, local culture and people, flora, fauna, lemurs and many other topics are discussed to make your trip to one of the most bio-diversifed areas of the world more enjoyable.

Iceland Travel Advice Show

The exciting, adventurous and unique destination of Iceland is explored by Holly Nelson, Sales Director of Iceland Adventure, along with Chris and Jerry. Icelandic horses, geysers, hiking, accommodations, times of year to travel, culture, history, transportation options, length of stay and many other topics are discussed to make your Icelandic visit phenomenal.